·       Proper Gear Selection and Placement

·       Fundamentals

·       Establishing Zero

·       Recoil Management

·       Balance of Speed and Accuracy

·       Speed Reloads/Tactical Reloads

·       Combative Mindset

·       Malfunctions

·       Strong Hand and Support Shooting

·       Transition Drills

·       Movement Drills

·       Awkward Shooting Positions

















·       Carbine with a Minimum of Three Magazines and Sling

·       Gun Belt, Holster, and Magazine Pouches to Include Carbine Mag Pouch

·       A Minimum of 1,200 Rounds of Carbine Ammunition

·       400 Rounds of Handgun Ammunition

·       Eye and Ear Protection

·       Baseball-Style Hat

·       Body Armor or Kit, If Available

·       Gloves and Kneepads (Optional)

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