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Ultra Tamping Kits

We are pleased to offer a selection of kits in order to meet your operational needs.

Ultra Tamping Kit (UTK)

(SKU #UTK-01)

The UTK comes in two sections each measuring 28" in length and 1" in width. This kit is offered in a 0.5" gel thickness (general purpose) and 1" gel thickness for heavier charges.  The kit features perforations every 7" for easy of modification.  The kit is designed to be built into a nunchaku style charge that is easy to build and carry. This kit can be built as a pushing or blasting charge. (2~3 week lead time)

Gel Thickness

Ultra Tamping Kit Mini (UTK-M)

(SKU #UTKM-01)

The UTK-M comes in one section measuring 18" in length and 0.75" in width to specifically fit the space between the doorknob and the doorjamb.  The kit features perforations every 6" so it can be modified to meet operational needs. The kit can be used as a pushing or as a blasting charge. (2~3 week lead time)

Price: $20.00

Ultra Tamping Kit Connect (UTK-C)

(SKU #UTKC-01)

The UTK-C comes in three interlocking sections measuring 26.5" in length and 1" in width.  Once these three sections are connected they have an overall length of 79.5".  This kit can be ordered in 0.5" thick gel (general purpose) or 1" thick gel for heavier charges. This kit is ideal for blasting and pushing charges. (2~3 Week lead time)

Gel Thickness