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Law Enforcement and Military only


This four-day course is designed to expose tactical law enforcement officers to tactics, techniques, and procedures that are employed when dealing with hostage rescue (HR).  The course is a fast-paced course, and students are expected to hit the ground running. (Students may work extended hours and possible evenings.)

 The course will cover the following topics:

  • CQB and tactical shooting
  • Principals of CQB as it pertains to HR operations
  • Emergency assault
  • Deliberate assault
  • Dealing with hostages and hostage takers
  • Covert entry under NVG      
  • Use of distraction devices
  • Breaching in HR operations (Mechanical, ballistic, and explosive)
  • Planning considerations
  • Multi-team/Multi-entry points
  • Technical equipment (cameras and listening devices)

Teams that have explosive breaching capabilities are encouraged to come to the class ready to use said capabilities.  Teams that do not have access to explosive breaching will be exposed to it through the instructor cadre. 

Minimum equipment required (per student): carbine, pistol, magazines, vest, helmet, gun belt, all tactical gear, rifle sling, weapon lights, gas mask, eye and ear protection, three distraction devices, 500 rounds rifle, 500 rounds pistol, two working door knobs (interior door), Simunition bolts and guns (if available), Simunition ammunition (if available), NVGs and laser (if available).  

This course is open to law enforcement officers that are currently assigned to a tactical team and active military members only.