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CQB Registration Info

You have been registered in the High Intensity CQB Course held in Palm Beach FL, March 2nd to the 5th, 2020.  Please see course description, gear requirements  and course schedule below.

This four day close quarters battle course is for the operator or unit that wants to learn combat-proven techniques of clearing a house or structure, both aggressively and safely. Operators attending this class will be expected to hit the ground running, and come prepared to experience a week of intense training.
The course will be made up of two days of advanced shooting drills, and will include a “stress shoot” to ensure everyone can safely work inside a closed structure or CQB environment during live-fire drills. This will be followed by two days of live fire training in the shoot house and other large structures.

Two, three, and four man room clears
Areas of responsibility
Points of domination
Sectors of fire
Command and control
Shooting on the move
Target discrimination
Hallway clears
Deliberate and rolling assaults

Handgun with three magazines and a light source
Handgun holster and magazine pouches
Carbine with three magazines, light source, and sling
500 rounds of standard handgun ammunition
650 rounds of standard carbine ammunition
300 Rifle Simunition and sims bolt
100 Handgun Simunition and sims handgun
Sims protective gear if available
Two distraction devices
Breaching tools
Body armor and full call out kit to include helmet
Eye and ear protection
Gloves and knee pads

Course Schedule 


0830-0900       Welcome and course introduction (classroom)

0900-1300       PowerPoint presentation (classroom)

1300-1400       Lunch

1400-1630       Basic movement and threshold work (shoothouse)

1630-1700       Debrief


0830-1030       Team stacking and mechanical breaching (shoothouse)

1030-1230       Points of Domination-POD (shoothouse)

1230-1330       Lunch

1330-1630       Cont. PODs and sim work (shoothouse)

1630-1700       Debrief and cleanup


0830-1230       Free flow and multi room entries (shoothouse)

1230-1330       Lunch

1330-1630       Force on force (shoothouse)

1630-1700       Debrief and cleanup 


0830-1230       Full mission profile scenario-based training (shoothouse)

1230-1330       Lunch

1330-1600       Full mission profile scenario-based training (shoothouse)

1600-1630       Cleanup

1630-1700       Closing

Note: Schedule is subject to change depending on the progression of the students and training needs as the instructors see fit.